What is Pacific Ampersand?

Pacific Ampersand is a blog about realistic optimism, politics, current events, social justice, mental wellness, wanderlust, San Francisco, zen(ish) musings, and other odds & ends. It is meant to be thought-provoking, encouraging, engaging, & perhaps even meditative. It is also written by one person so it contains biases, pre-dispositions, & blind spots. Comments, questions, & discussions are welcome!

What does Pacific Ampersand mean?

Pacific means a lot of things – as a noun refers to the western coast of the United States and the Pacific Ocean, and as an adjective means peaceful, non-aggressive, and tranquil.  As for ampersand – in addition to being one of the best punctuation marks around (sorry exclamation mark!) ampersand was chosen to signify the variety of topics this blog discusses and the open-endedness of questions & ideas (there is always an “and” to add on).

Who is the author?

I grew up and currently live in San Francisco. I studied social studies: ethnic studies, political science & international relations, critical gender studies, human rights, & sociology. I am intrigued by mindfulness, Buddhist precepts, psychology, and meditation. My childhood dream was to adopt a puppy – and I used to write long rambling essays to my parents arguing why a dog was necessary for our family.  I enjoy writing and have wanted to start a blog for years but have felt self-conscious to have others read my writing – so this is an experiment of sorts.


    • Email: pacificampersand[at]gmail[dot]com
    • Twitter: @PacificAmp



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