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“No news is good news”

Ignorance really is bliss…and I have some experience to show for it. I used to read the news almost religiously – I had a physical subscription to the local newspaper back in the day (what a concept!) plus I spent at least an hour every day reading news online and also had email news alerts set up.

Over the past year I’ve dwindled that down to checking the news online roughly once a week…that’s it! While it may seem like now I’m way less knowledgable about current events (which is undeniably true) – I’ve also felt an emotional burden lifted. Because as we all know, the news is straight-up depressing. I think I felt more guilt-tripped (by my inner anti-capitalist pro-education feminist?) to read the news more than anything else – it was almost like an emotionally-masochistic habit. It was more painful for me to regularly hear about murder, rape, war, disease, destruction, US political woes, human trafficking, and other forms of oppression worldwide – rather than useful or informative in any way.

I’m not encouraging anyone to “be more ignorant” by any means – I guess what I am realizing from my own experience is something really simplistic and survivalist: if something makes you feel bad, don’t do it!


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