HBO’s ‘Girls’

I’ve been watching Lena Dunham’s series Girls on HBO (that makes it sound really casual, but the reality is I’ve been binge watching all 3 seasons within the past week) and it’s surprisingly relatable in some ways. I waver back and forth between hating and loving the characters – Hannah is both hilarious and representative of a “normal” twenty-something girl and also dripping in privilege and ridiculously self-involved. And annoying. When she ruptures both her eardrums with Q-tips I can say that I relate – haven’t you ever wanted to do something that you knew was bad for you? Scratching the itch feels so good in the moment…

Writing in a blog makes me feel like Hannah – which is pretty embarrassing because I find it so obnoxious that she insists on becoming a writer when she’s broke, clueless, and her talents as a writer are untested and probably overestimated. Why doesn’t she get a “real” job with a salary and some health benefits so she can stop mooching off her uptight parents and then just write on the side?

When Marnie was listening to Eckart Tolle’s The Power of Now on audiobook while she made a smoothie – it was also embarrassing, entertaining, and comforting to realize that I can relate so much to that scene. I totally put yogurt, juice, and banana into a blender while Tolle’s voice told me that there is nothing else that exists other than the moment we are in right now…and now…and now. And now.

My favorite character may be Jessa because her free-spirit and unapologetic brokenness is twisted and yet inspiring. You can get divorced and go to rehab and have your life fall apart multiple times – but also be so carefree, strong, and comfortable in your own skin. Jessa is tough but in a Burning Man kind of feminine way that I think needs more screen time.

I just started season 3 so no spoilers quite yet! And even though I resisted identifying as a fan of this show…I definitely will be ready for season 4 of Girls when it starts in early 2015. (Actually I’ll be ready in a few days – so feel free to speed the process along Lena, thanks!)


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