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I’m making my way through the audiobook of The Power of Now and at chapter seven Eckhart Tolle discusses ‘the unmanifested’. To be honest I don’t completely understand what the unmanifested is but if I had to guess – I would describe it as the ultimate state of being, stillness, enlightenment, and the purest essence of spirituality (you can insert a kind of god or whatever you believe in here). Tolle describes that silence is the best way to observe and experience the unmanifested – an idea that I find really fascinating since humans in our current society pretty much avoid silence at all costs.

Whether through continued conversation, listening to music in earphones while on a silent bus, talking to oneself, keeping the tv on in an empty house, or the radio on in a quiet car – we avoid silence. Silence makes us uncomfortable, silence is awkward, silence is a lack of interesting activity. Silence is life in its most bare shape – it reminds us that we are here, on this earth, and in these bodies…and Tolle argues that silence should comfort us and make us feel at peace, rather than squirmy and uncomfortable, and constantly thinking about the future or what interesting thing can or will happen next.


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