Dating & Relationships, Generation Y

“Facebook Official”

We’re doomed by hook up culture, texting is killing romance, and social media makes us feel more lonely & disconnected – oh the joys of dating as a Millennial!

One of the common questions that Millennials with significant others face in a world where the majority of our social interactions take place online is, should I list my relationship status on Facebook?

On the one hand, it is nice to list your relationship status and receive the warm fuzzies that your network will give via “likes” and comments. It feels good to receive positive attention around a romantic event in your life – a new relationship is definitely something to be celebrated.

On the other hand – those warm fuzzies have the potential to become salt in an open wound if you and your partner end up breaking up and have to update your Facebook accounts accordingly. It can be very hurtful for your emotional experiences to be openly aired online, where people can make cruel comments or “like” your ex’s new “Single” status.

Should you make it “Facebook official”? How will Millennials redefine dating norms and leverage social media in our personal lives?


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