Adulthood, Miscellaneous, Psychology, Self-Care

New Years Resolutions

There’s something about starting a new year that gives the impression that it’s a blank slate and a time to turn over a new leaf – to finally get around to going to the gym or waking up on time or eating healthy or keeping in touch with family or updating your blog…But are New Years resolutions ultimately only setting us up for failure, guilt, and disappointment? What feels better – making a resolution to take the first step towards self improvement or actually following through with the hard work that these resolutions always require? How can self improvement actually be attained?

Obviously if it was easy there wouldn’t be thousands of books and alleged gurus on the topic – so perhaps it’s best to think about self improvement on an individual and personal basis. What works for you?

How much self improvement do we actually need? One probably shouldn’t be overweight to the point where cardiac arrest and high blood pressure are a serious risk but at the same time shouldn’t we love and accept our bodies and selves for who we are and what we look like? Perhaps there are some things we can’t or shouldn’t change about ourselves to a certain extent. Are these changes for ourselves or because of socially constructed norms of beauty and happiness? Where’s the line between healthy self improvement and guilt ridden masochism?


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