Digital Restlessness

Do you ever have the feeling when you’re scrolling down your facebook newsfeed, or reddit, or instagram, or blogs, or flipping channels on TV…that it’s not enough? That you aren’t being completely satiated? One screen isn’t enough – you need to have the TV on while you’re texting on your phone, redditing on your ipad, and have a split screen of facebook and twitter open on your laptop. A moment of silence or stillness is unbearable. You’re itching for the screen, for stimulation. And yet when you’re scrolling down newsfeeds and posts, you hardly read the details, you barely glance at the photos, you click next four times before you even know what was on the first page. You have a fear that you’re missing out on something – so you’re constantly switching between apps, between devices, between chat logs or texts or emails or photos or articles…constantly, anxiously searching for something you can’t quite put your finger on. Digital existentialism? 


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