Psychology, Self-Care


It’s funny how the smallest thing – like a toothache, has the uncanny ability to ruin your entire day with a cloud of pain and misery, causing you to want to leave work to assume the fetal position and curse everything. “It’s just a tooth,” you remind yourself…and yet the pain of the tooth digging into your gums, sending shooting jolts up your clenched jaw muscles is almost mocking you, as if to say, “Yeah, I know you’re stressed, tired, & anxious – so how bout a toothache to top you off?”

I’m pretty sure there’s a whole slew of sayings that tell you to let go of the small things and focus on the big picture. To dismiss the things you have no control over and ground yourself in your breath, body, and immediate surroundings. Namaste, the Serenity prayer, the Zen idea of letting go of attachment…so how do I get there? Meditation, exercise, hobbies, time with loved ones, sleep, journaling, punching bags, hot tea, and/or kitty cuddles? Does eating donuts in the fetal position count as a kind of yoga?


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